PE with Mr Borg - Week 7

PE with Mr Borg & Guest - Week 6

PE with Mr Borg - Week 5

PE with Mr Borg - Week 4

PE with Mr Borg - Week 3

PE with Mr Borg - Week 2

PE with Mr Borg - Week 1

Can Colton take on the batting challenge successfully?

Colton faces the batting challenge at the Kent County Cricket Skills Day

The Dance Squad first rehearsals of their competition dance

Greenfields KS1 team smash the relay event!

Suzie and Travis in the obstacle relay - Go Greenfields

Year 6 sweep the board at Ashford Cross Country Competition!

Well done to Violet, Ruby and Sydney for amazing teamwork at the cross country championships

Ted and the parents training for the community run!

Emma, Kelsi and India are 5,6 and 7th in the Maidstone Cross Country races

# Team Greenfields

Violet winning the Maidstone Cross Country Yr 6 race

Where's the competition??!!

Country Dancing in Sycamore Class

But are they better than the staff??

Watch Ebonies throw at the athletics competition

Bridey performs the long jump at the Reach 2 Athletics Competition

Greenfields take on Kemsley

Greenfields footballers in action at the school tournament

Year 5 and 6 dance performance, showcasing the best talent in Kent

Performing at the Leas Cliffe Theatre

What amazing talent from children aged between 7 and 10!

Practising our newly learnt tennis skills in Chestnut Class

Greenfields catch challenge at the Kent County Cricket Ground

Jayden and TJ are challenged to show their catching skills at our day watching Kent V Hampshire

Willow trees run the 800m in PE

Willow trees run the 800m, pretty impressive for 5 and 6 year olds. Fastest time 3.58!!

LKS2 Hockey tournament

Sycamore, Maple and Chestnut classes show off their hockey skills look at sports news to find out who won!!

Greenfields Trampolining Teams

Look at all the judges sitting along the back wall - our children show resilience to overcome their nerves!

Dance video for you to practice

The girls demonstrate the next dance for you to learn and practice at home

Greenfields Dance Troup in action!

Performing at the Leas Theatre Folkestone to Emile Sande

Great effort Ada!

A perfect floor routine by our KS1 team

Performing at the gymnastics competition

Leah-May remembers her routine perfectly!

Bouncing and catching skills in KS1

Everyone tried to improve on the number of bounces they could complete in a minute, some very intense counting going on!!

Boccia Champions

The Boccia team in a pre competition practice

Reach for the Stars!

Lily in final practice of her routine for the Mid-Kent Trampoline Competition

Improving our backwards rolls in Chestnuts

We have been working on our balances and rolls in gymnastics and can now complete a backward roll without support!

Gymnastics Sequences in LKS2

Chestnuts have been working hard on developing their controlling their balances and rolls

Speed Stacking

Greenfields lunchtime practice for the speed stacking competition, rewarded with first place!!

Dance workshop in action

The children have made excellent progress already, keep it up!